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The Vietnamese Retail Market

Going to a foreign country is always intimidating due to the new environment – even the retail market might be…

a picture of vietnamese food
Dietary Requirements

Life would be so much easier if everyone liked to eat everything or could eat everything. I know my life…

How easy is it to get by with just English?

If you are going to Vietnam and have no knowledge of the language, you ask yourself: How easy is it…

Healthcare in Vietnam
Healthcare in Vietnam

Vietnam’s public healthcare system only covers about 30% of the population. This means that many Vietnamese have to use private…

Vietnamese language
Vietnamese Crash Course

Today I am going to do a Vietnamese Crash Course for those who are learning or want to learn Vietnamese….

Binh Tay Market Ho chi minh city
Lifestyle in Ho Chi Minh City

Lifestyle in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam is a rather poor country with few Western-style amenities. However, the country is…

5 Vietnam Facts
Vietnam Facts

So you think you know all there is to know about Vietnam? Well, let’s see! Here are some facts about…

ATM in vietnam
Accessibility of Cash in Vietnam

Just a few years ago, it was hard to find an ATM in Ho Chi Minh’s streets but these days…