PM07 – Market & Business Analyst with ASEAN Investment & Advisory Firm

Company Introduction

This ASEAN based company specialises in three organised areas of expertise namely advisory, principal investment and leadership coaching:

● Advisory (Investment Banking/ M&A): providing uniquely designed innovative solutions with in-depth strategic considerations for the consummation of transactions, especially cross-border deals, sizable multi-layer structured assets and those required to handle complex re-structure and strategic dynamic.
● Principal investments: accumulated proceeds from our existing operation is dedicated to invest into high-growth opportunities especially in the industries where our partners have years of experience. Our investments have included (but not limited to): media, tech, FMCG, retail and business services.
● Leadership Coaching: arisen out of requests by investees and clients, many tailored coaching sessions delivered to founding families, board members and business owners in the particular areas of New Growths (how to expand outside existing maturing business lines), Corporate Finance (framework to empower decision making on critical milestones) and Succession Planning (processes to preserve the founders’ legacy to continue progression over generations).

Underpinned by a distinctive corporate culture, this company spearheads the pursuit to innovate itself, its investees and its clients to sustain growth and relevancy in the rapidly changing global markets.

Internship Position

Market & Business Analyst

Internship Description

● Coordinating with senior management team and external vendors/ partners to produce research and analysis upon organisational requests.
● Working in a professional environment with industrial processes, candidates will have practical opportunities to execute management visions,new concepts and see your work in reality.
● Market analysis, research, segmentation, planning work, building models.
● Managing internal work-stream and taking responsibility to handle unfamiliar tasks towards completion of projects.


● Hard skills (preferred): Excel, Word and Power Point. It’s a plus but not required: writing skills with a strong command of English
● Communication and interpersonal skills
● Integrity and discipline
● Passion with the business and the sector
● With drive and determination