T's & C's

Application Process

By submitting our Apply Now form, applicants are absolutely not obliged to continue the application process, participate in an InternVietnam programme or make any payment whatsoever to InternVietnam. Every applicant who submits the Apply Now form does agree that during any ongoing arrangement of a programme by InternVietnam, they agree to strictly abide by the following terms:

InternVietnam pays special attention in order to try and match each applicant to the most suitable internship host company, language course and/or accommodation. In order to achieve a transparent placement process and to ensure a suitable match is made, it is likely that InternVietnam will inform the applicant of a host company’s contact details and introduce the two parties in order to arrange an interview by phone or Skype. This is intended to ensure both the applicant and the host company are clear about what might be involved during the internship and the applicant can make an informed decision with regard to participating in the InternVietnam programme and undertaking the internship placement.

Information and contact details for host companies which are shared with applicants by InternVietnam are to be treated as strictly confidential. By engaging directly with a potential host company introduced to the applicant by InternVietnam, the applicant is absolutely not obliged to accept any offer of an internship placement made by the host company or to participate in the programme offered by InternVietnam. If the applicant does choose to accept such an offer from a host company introduced to them by InternVietnam and therefore participate in the programme arranged by InternVietnam, the applicant is bound to complete a separate booking form which will confirm the full details of the program, total price, payment terms, restrictions and full terms and conditions.

Applicants are prohibited from directly arranging an internship placement or any other related programme with host companies or for homestay accommodation, host families, introduced to them by InternVietnam. In cases where applicants are proven to be undertaking any form of internship placement or other related work, shadowing or study with host companies, or accommodation in a host family, whereby the contact details were shared with the applicant by InternVietnam, the applicant will be legally bound to pay a minimum programme fee of £1,495 to InternVietnam.

Privacy Notice & Data Protection

Please refer to InternVietnam’s Privacy Notice for full information on how we process and store data.


We reserve the right to implement a small degree of flexibility in our programs and schedules and will reserve the right to make any cancellations, changes or substitutions in the program. In such rare cases, participants will be informed of any changes as early as possible.


A refund will only be granted when the programme cannot operate after all efforts to resolve any problems which may arise. Participants agree to abide to conditions regarding internships, language classes and accommodation as specified in their InternVietnam contract. A refund will not be granted if any of these conditions have not been adhered to. InternVietnam is not be liable for failure to provide services and/or delays caused by weather, natural disaster, war, strikes, incidents of politically-motivated violence, sickness or quarantine or any other conditions beyond its control, including but not limited to flight conditions or situations where the rendering of services is prohibited or delayed by local laws, regulators or regulatory agencies.


It is the responsibility of the participant to obtain the required visa and travel documents before departure. InternVietnam provides the necessary letter of acceptance but shall not be held responsible if participants fail to obtain the visa punctually.


It is the responsibility of the participant to purchase suitable travel insurance. InternVietnam is not responsible if participants do not have insurance coverage in Vietnam. InternVietnam is not responsible for any injury or loss suffered by participants during the programme and during independent travel.


InternVietnam may offer participants a referral fee in return for successfully referring a friend to InternVietnam. In order for a referral to be processed, the person being referred MUST state the referrers name when initially applying to InternVietnam, as stated under the section ‘OTHER PREFERENCES, REQUIREMENTS OR COMMENTS’ on the InternVietnam application form.